A Rough Day

  • Prep: Hot Shower
  • Prep: Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements – Cube 2.0 Scentless – Pre-shave
  • Brush: The Stray Whisker – 452/24 Synthetic
  • Razor: Edwin Jagger DE89
  • Blade: Parker Premium Platinum (3)
  • Lather: Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements – Clubguy – Soap
  • Post Shave: Alum Block

I was hoping for a luxurious shave this evening. Unfortunately it wasn’t the case. And definitely not theme related, the complete opposite of green, but red!

I have a few blemishes on my face, and unfortunately I managed to cut into both of them on my first pass. One of them bled quite profusely, it took a number of applications of the alum block to finally get the bleeding under control. I only went in for a second pass, and navigated around these two wounds. It was not my cleanest shave. So much for a luxurious shave. Oh well!