An Aggressive One

  • Prep: Hot Shower
  • Prep: Phoenix Shaving – Cube 2.0 Unscented
  • Razor (Head): Edwin Jagger – DE89
  • Razor (Face): Razorock – Aluminium Lupo
  • Blade: Parker Platinum
  • Brush: Stray Whisker – 452/24 Synthetic
  • Lather: Phoenix Shaving – Clubguy
  • Post-Shave: Proraso – Alum Block
  • Fragrance: Phoenix Shaving – Clubguy

I’ve been a little slack this last week I haven’t shaved in 5 days. Normally it is 2 or 3 days.

I started feeling a little scruffy with 5 days worth of growth. I love that smooth head & face feeling, and then the slight stubble a day later.

With my first use of the Lupo, I thought it was aggressive, with today’s use of the Lupo, I agree that it is my most aggressive razor now. Not sure I’ll use it up on the dome just yet, but maybe one day sooner or later.