Shave for a New Week

  • Prep: Hot Shower
  • Prep: Proraso – Eucalyptus & Menthol Refresh Cream
  • Brush: Wahl Traditional Barbers – Badger Brush
  • Razor: Edwin Jagger – DE89
  • Blade: Feather (2 shaves)
  • Lather: Muhle – Aloe Vera Soap
  • Post Shave: Proraso – Alum Block
  • Post Shave: Proraso – Eucalyptus & Menthol Refresh Cream

A nice two & half pass shave. Initially WTG for the whole face, had a slight nick. Second pass XTG with a second nick. Finally ATG on the cheeks only for a close finish. Finished up with the alum block to finalise the shave.

Loving the $2.80 bowl I picked up at the variety store the other week to use as my shaving bowl. It allows me create lots of lather to comfort the razor for each pass.