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Clubguy – Phoenix Shaving

The Basics


Being relatively new to the wet shaving scene, this was the first shaving soap that I bought for myself. It was unknown what the scent would be other than “barbershop”, as described by Youtubers who had used this soap in the past. What barbershop actually meant was unknown, but I took a gamble and that gamble paid off.

Packaging & Artwork

Clubguy arrives in a round plastic container just as all PAA CK6 soaps do. It is great for building a lather on top of, but also allows us to scoop out into a lather bowl if you wish. The size of the container makes it useful for stacking multiple PAA soaps on top of each other in my shaving den.

While I’m not a golfer per se, the artwork stands out with the large golf ball on a tee. It is bright and cheery and it draws me in.


I’m not sure how to describe Clubguy. It is the first shaving soap I purchased, and without knowing what to expect as I purchased it online.

Some people describe it as Pinaud Clubman plus something extra. I can’t comment on that aspect.

I certainly enjoy the scent, I will be buying another one when I get the opportunity, and I don’t regret buying it.

Lather & Slickness

I think there are many video reviews for the CK6 soap base which Clubguy uses, and there isn’t much that I can really add to what they have said.

I find that provided I use enough water in my lather, I get a creamy consistency which provides a “cushion” between the blade and my skin, both on my head and my face.

My Final Thoughts

This was the first shaving soap that I bought for myself. It was an unknown at the time of purchase other than what I had seen through some online shaving videos.

Do I regret buying Clugbuy? Hell no! It is one of my favourite soaps, to the point that I have virtually finished it and I want some more. Now where can I get more?

I think I have gushed about Clubguy enough. I believe it is a quality soap, I love the barbershop scent, and I want to buy more. I’m not sure what else I can say about Clubguy from Phoenix Shaving.

Note: I have really struggled to write this soap review. I have no idea what people want to see in a shaving soap review. Please leave me a comment if you found this review helpful or whether I missed anything that would help you make a decision whether this soap is for you.

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