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Psychologist logistics

Lets just think about this from a logistics viewpoint.

Lets just assume:

  • A therapist can see 6 people per day (6 x 1hr session + 1-2hrs admin/breaks per day)
  • Person sees a therapist every 3 weeks (avg)
  • This requires 1 therapist per 90 people (say 100)
  • This means 1% of the population need to be therapists

I’m not sure how realistic it is to have 1% of the population of a society trained as a working therapist.

However I think there is a bigger picture at play here, and it comes back to society and government as a whole. There seems to be this constant push by business to drive ever increasing profits through two mechanisms:

  1. beating into people into thinking we are not as good enough compared with people around us
  2. driving wages down but expecting people to work more just to meet the first mechanism

People need to push back to get back to some balance, and I’m not sure what to do about it.