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My writing history

The idea of writing regularly on a blog has intrigued me for many, many years. I have always wanted to maintain a blog of some substance, but I have not been able to maintain it for anything more than a few articles. My interests wane after just a few short weeks before my mind moves on to the next interest.

This does not just apply to writing, even here I have drifted away from regular traditional wet shaving after a solid 8 months or so of documenting each shave. I have moved onto virtual cycling on Zwift. While I do not post every one of them here, I do keep a documented log over on my Strava profile. I’ve been working on 3 solid rides per week, with incidental warmup rides as well.

So I would like to write something, even if it is somewhat jumbled. This can be that first entry, a blurb of thoughts about my writing history (or very much lack thereof). Whether it makes much sense or not, whether there are any readers or not, let me just put some words out there and see what happens. Maybe I can make this a semi-regular thing.